Sing To The LORD

“I grew up in a very musically family” says: Mary Beth DiAngelo and her story gets even better as she unfolds her journey from living a life lived for self to a life redeemed by Jesus- Mary Beth says she heard Jesus speak to her and what she does next was just amazing! Stay tuned to the end as she performs her latest release from Proclaim that name!

To get her new CD “Proclaim That Name” Hymns Afresh go to her website: #thecallwithnancysabato #faithoverfear #encouragement #marybethdiangelo

Watch faith testimonies on The Call with Nancy Sabato on YouTube channel

Many Stories Of Hope:

God Can Bring You Back From Substance Abuse

This is where you can find Brad’s book “Colors of Salvation”

9.22.20 Christian author and speaker Brad Duncan is happily married to his awesome wife Michelle and has three wonderful daughters. He attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s written eight books, including fiction, non-fiction and deer hunting devotional’s. Speaking at churches, civic gatherings and men’s ministry events is rewarding for him. He enjoys his job doing MRI, and hunting and fishing in his free time. 


What does #Forgiveness look like?

9.15.20 #TheCallwithNancySabato Speaker is Author and Teacher #ClarenceHaynesJr discusses reasons why we #forgive and how we hold back our #forgiveness from others -a great interview on how to forgive and how it hurts you when you don’t!

Hope you take the time to watch! #biblestudyclub

Watch faith testimonies on The Call with Nancy Sabato on YouTube channel

There Is Joy In The Lord

“There is Joy in The Lord” says Taline Ibriham, her upbeat personality and joy isn’t because of what she does everyday, but what God does through her as she tells us “Lord you show me!”. Taline tells her story about how God led her to her future husband and learning to study the Bible. Hope you are moved by her amazing passion for Jesus. Taline is a Children’s Leader for Bible Study Fellowship and serves in her church. #TheCallwithNancySabato #TheCall@harvestmetro #ThereisJoyintheLord

God Is Bigger

9.8.20 Patsy Ho was brought up in a Buddist home and discovered through her curiosity of who God was, fast forward…today she is a teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship International and talks about her experience with an unexpected fall that changed all her plans realizing God had other plans! Great story to see how God weaves His plan in our lives.

Praying For Your Children

9.3.20 Moms In Prayer celebrated their 35th anniversary last fall.  The ministry started by one CA mom who cried out to the Lord when her son started middle school and  now 35 years later is a worldwide prayer movement.  The mission is to impact children and schools for Christ by gathering mothers/grandmothers/spiritual moms to pray.  The vision is to see every school covered in prayer.

Moms in Prayer is in 140 countries and the MIP booklet is translated into 61 languages with translations in the works.  New Jersey currently has 113 active Moms in Prayer groups.  Women meet weekly for one hour to intercede for their children, teachers, and school by following a four step format – Praise, Silent Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession.  We pray scripturally in one accord for each others children and their teachers.  We end our hour of  prayer by interceding for the Moms In Prayer ministry.  
We gather as sisters in Christ interceding for each others children.  

Everything that is prayed in the group stays in the group.  It’s a safe place for women to go to lift their concerns for their children.  There are many types of Moms In Prayer groups Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College/Career.  These would be traditional MIP groups.  We have many church based Moms In Prayer groups in NJ.  Women from all the groups mentioned would be gathered.  There are Grandma, Special Needs, Language based, Prison, and Military Moms in Prayer groups.  New Jersey has a very strong Prison ministry team where currently they go into 2 facilities in NJ and pray with the women for their children.  There are a 2 prison ministry teams in NJ who are being trained to go out to other facilities in our state but with the pandemic have not been able to move forward.

Feeling Lost…..God’s Got this

9.1.20 KATHY FOGARTY is a speaker, author, blogger and singer/songwriter.  She loves using all those platforms to help others find hope in Christ and know happiness is for them, too.  Her grandchildren, who call her Granna, bring her much happiness with their innocent, care-free actions and conversations.  She shares these “smile giving moments” when she speaks at women’s events; some call her “The Happy Granna”.

For 17 years she sang with the southern gospel ladies trio, Southern Charm. Traveling all over the United States gave her many opportunities to share in song and testimony what God has done in her life.  During that ministry she also wrote several songs with several being nominated for Southern Gospel song of the year and the song she wrote, “You Amaze Me” receiving Song of the Year.

Since high school writing has always been a passion and purpose!  In 2012 her purpose expanded through her own pain.  She lost a granddaughter, Briley Faith, to a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Briley Faith lived 61 days.  From that pain of loss to God’s greater purpose came about “Briley’s Daily Dose”,  a blog Kathy began as mainly just healing for herself.  But, God has used it to help many as it has now been read in 100 of the countries in the world.  Then, God called her to write her latest book, “God’s Got This!”.

She writes with God’s word being the foundation of truth with sprinkles of joy throughout!  The joy she shares encourages others how God can take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph, no matter what their “THIS” is!

Kathy lived most of her life in Texas.  She and her husband, David, now live in Arkansas and are thoroughly enjoying living close to the children and grandchildren.  She also enjoys traveling with her husband as FAITHwalk Ministries singing and sharing at churches, events and wherever God leads; bringing hope, assurance and encouragement through telling the story of their journey of faith.

Miracles of God- Total Restoration

8.25.20 Patricia is a Christian who loves encouraging others with the life-changing message of the gospel.  With her own life transformed by the gospel, she knows the value of sharing it both inside and outside the church walls and has a passion to help women heal from abusive relationships through the love and acceptance of Jesus, the Messiah. She has seen those who have been marginalized become emotionally healthy, healed, and whole.Patricia has been an invited guest speaker at women’s conferences and special events. She has ministered in corporate settings as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She was a mentor to women students at the graduate level and has led numerous Bible studies.She was a contributing author to an online daily devotional, “At the Crack of Dawn” as well as other published works. Currently, Patricia is a facilitator with the Divorce Care program, a 13-week support group for women.

God Can Take You Out Of Dark Places

God can take you out of dark places

8.18.20 In his book ” Imaginary Things, inside the mind of a schizophrenic”
Michael had an ordinary life and suddenly he was brought into a mental illness called Schizophrenia. In this interview Michael tells his story of false reality and struggle which left him in a dark hole he thought he couldn’t get out of. Today he is happily married and living a life only Jesus could give.
This is his story.
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God Has Plans For Us

8.11.20 Through difficulties #Stephanie Lippi has seen Jesus work in and through her life, join us as she talks about her struggles and how God has plans for each and everyone of us. 

Stephanie Lippi is the Conference Manager for the Church Facilities Conference & Expo (CFX), where she searches for speakers to present educational information on the areas of church production technology, facilities operations/management and overall leadership & management. Prior to this, she worked for Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA, in the Lighting and Design Departments. While serving as a board member for North Star Initiative, a nonprofit that provides restoration to sex trafficking survivors, she helped to organize fundraisers and events. Over the years, Stephanie has served on her church’s worship team in various capacities. She is honored to now be using so many of the skills she’s learned to help bring material to life for CFX. to contact

It’s All About Grace

Debbie Provencher
Executive Director, Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center
8.4.20 Debbie Provencher serves as Executive Director of Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center, a ministry in North Jersey that provides compassionate help and hope to women, men and teens facing unexpected pregnancies and related challenges. She came to Lighthouse in 2006 with a background in public relations, and a heart for serving young adults in pregnancy-related crisis. It has been her privilege to partner with local churches, schools, and generous individuals to grow the center to three locations with medical services, and form creative collaborations that support under-resourced parents. Debbie and her husband, Fred, who serves as senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church in Wyckoff, have four adult children. Ten years in youth ministry, and 20 years of parenting and providing premarital counseling, motivated them to create a student curriculum called Sex Matters. Offered free of charge to schools and youth groups, Sex Matters equips young adults to think proactively about life-altering choices and to build healthy, lasting relationships. Debbie and Fred both enjoy spending time with their adult kids, walking their dogs, and reading.
 Believing every life matters, Lighthouse PRC provides free, confidential services to lovingly guide & support women, men & teens facing unplanned pregnancies & related concerns toward life-enhancing choices.

Grow In The Lord

7.28.20 Allen & Elisabeth have been blessed to serve the Lord while based out of both Canada and the U.S.. Together, they team up to share pertinent teachings from God’s Word that are relevant to all believers today. While they share their Bible teachings through social media, they have gained a truly global audience. They have been able to expand even in areas that have been traditionally closed off to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their primary focus is on verse by verse Bible teachings, discipleship, evangelism and music ministry. They encourage people to heal from their wounds and to be open to be used by God to grow spiritually so that they can build up others. Feel free to follow them at Wield the Sword Ministry on youtube and Facebook. 

A Changed life

Odogwu Deborah Angel is a blogger who writes about Christ-centered living and Love relationships. A member of and evangelical team who carries out outreach programs in villages. Her majotr life goal is catering to the needs of others and in service she finds her greatest fulfillment. She has an interest in reading, playing the piano and volunteering.

Seeking God, Finding Purpose

7.21.20 My name is Mario Liriano,I’m a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a Servant of Jesus Christ. I was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic on November 22, 1963. I’m the middle of three children to my parents Maria & Jose.  Xiomara, my sister is the oldest and my brother Johnny is the youngest. Looking for a better financial future, my Dad travelled to New York, USA in the mid-1960s.  In 1971, my dad was able to get all the necessary legal documentation for us (the rest of the family) to get our  green cards and joined him in Brooklyn, NY. After living the first 6-1/2 years of my life in Bonao and in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, I found myself in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY.   I grew up Catholic, was Baptized as a baby and did my First Communion while living in Brooklyn.  I never really bothered to study the Bible continually, or to pray consistently or to spend time alone with God.  I lived a life to satisfy the society around me.  I Cared way too much about what people thought about me and not nearly enough of what God thought about me.


God’s Extraordinary Grace


In 2002 I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation caused from a congenital heart problem.  I have been treated with numerous medications all of which failed.  During the 12 years I have been shocked about 30 times. The object of being shocked is to stop your heart and let it re-start on it’s own.  My heart is stubborn and does not like to be shocked and I have to convert on my own with the help of my Heavenly Father.  On Friday, January 10th of this year, I woke up at the usual time but I didn’t feel well.  I was light headed and dizzy all day and very tired.  When I got home from work the first thing my husband, Bob, asked me was “any a-fib?” I told him no because I knew that I would have felt my heart beat differently if it was indeed a-fib………To know more about Betty go to her website



Discover God’s Will For Your Life

God’s Will for you
7.7.20 Clarence Haynes is a husband and father originally from NYC but who now lives in a small New England town with his wife and two kids. He is a speaker, teacher, author and co-founder of The Bible Study Club. He got saved at 6 years old and has been walking with the Lord since then. He has spent more than 30 years serving the body of Christ in various capacities and has just released his first book The Pursuit of Purpose.

The Words of God Come To Life

In a Christian Women’s meeting in 1983, Rebekah was given a prophetic message that she would write books. In 2006, she began writing stories about special holiday memories and travels, sharing God’s love and care through each story.

God has gifted Rebekah with the ability to look at the natural and see the supernatural. She believes that when women discover how much God loves them they will trust Him for their lives and become living epistles to His love through Christ.

6/29/20 #RebekahBeene

Both Rebekah and her husband Danny have a heart to share the Gospel and the riches of life in Christ to everyone they meet. They have served in the local church and in ministry to motorcyclists, where they served as area and state leaders for many years. Danny is an ordained minister and they both have been Bible study teachers for many years. Rebekah also speaks at women’s retreats and conferences.

They area the parents of three adult children and grandparents to five beautiful grandchildren, ages 9 – 22.

Her tag line says it all “God loves you and He’s for you always”.

COVID19 Survivor Story: A Journey Through Covid 19 With Jesus

Manal was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with COVID 19. Listen to the story of faith, obidience, prayer and trusting God through the storm. Manal had visions and miracles happen, she walks us through her experience and how God is faithful and true as people all over the world were praying for her and she believed. This is Manal’s story…. #ManalFaragalla #Jesus #COVID19 #prayer
#Manal Faragalla

When God Speaks We Listen

Harry is a native of Charlotte, N.C where he graduated from Tech High School in 1954. Shortly thereafter he entered the U.S. Marine Corps. Serving in several stateside duty stations and on Okinawa.


He drove vacation tours across the US, Canada, and Mexico and took several groups on ocean cruises. Harry and his wife Joan moved their young family of four girls and one boy to Columbia in 1972 where Harry became involved in a sales career that lasted more than forty years. He traveled the Southeast serving the textile industry with specialty chemicals and equipment, became a small business owner serving the Columbia area, and retired as store manager of a regional furniture chain.

As an active member of North Trenholm Baptist Church, Harry in 1997, started a Nursing Home/Assisted Living ministry at National Health Care; bringing a weekly worship service to the residents who were unable to attend their home church. This ministry has now evolved into serving six facilities in Northeast Columbia. In 2015 Harry was named National Health Care Volunteer of the year. He is a published author, God Speaks We Listen, 2014. 


Getting Healthy God’s Way

I am currently the nurse director of our rural oncology infusion center. I have been an RN since 1994, a God chosen career, after our youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia.


Professionally, I have worked in multiple areas, mainly ICU, ER, and supervising the floor, until my current position. I had started to get my master’s and become a APRN, when midstream I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Personally, I have done small mission trips in our church to Mexico and India. For a time, I went to youth weekend lockins with all my teens and served many years at these. I loved serving God along side of my children.

I am definitely a woman of faith and hope. It influences everything about my life. I see everything as a mission, and so it is not surprising that oncology and caring for people bring me great joy. I love serving others. Even the very career I landed on at age 31 was God lead, and a story in itself.

I am most of all, Gods daughter. But also, I am a wife of 40 years and mother (my next greatest mission) of 5 children, gramma to 14, nurse of 26 years. I have faced cancer as a mother of a child with leukemia, with hundreds of testimonies within that experience. I am also a breast cancer survivor of nearly 11 years, and here again because of God’s grace. And last year, we faced the loss of our son in law to esophageal cancer, at the age of 27.

I have believed in God since childhood, I really am blessed to not know life without Him. I made the decision to always be His at the age of 14. But it was later in my life and marriage where I had to learn the real meaning of grace and mercy in my life. I didn’t just face our son’s leukemia, while trying to raise 5 small children with an abundance of faith. God had to grow me. From there, I faced deep depression and wrestled with being in a painful world. Nearly 20 years later, as I faced my own cancer, I was a different person. And I knew that there was no where I could or would go without God. At one point, I was told my cancer had returned and that I was terminal. But that was not the end of the story for me. God had a different plan.Even as we lost our precious son in law to an awful diagnosis, I knew God was there and would not let it be for nothing.


How God Uses Our Gifts

Sandra’s Story
My name is Sandra Lea, a name given to me by my Daddy who did the same for the other three sisters in my family.


Born in DeQueen, AR on April 23, I was the first child of my parents. I was born in the only hospital in town at 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon. My Grandpa just happened to be in the hospital at the same time I was born. Grandpa was the first to see me even before my Mother. The nurses must have loved him (I think he flirted with them) so they brought me to his room before taking me to Mother. Every time she told me that story many years later, she would get mad because she was suppose to be the first one to see me. After a few days we left the hospital in an ambulance that was part of a parade. Everyone celebrated my arrival!! ☺

My parents had known each other since they were three years old, graduated from high school together and married after WW II when Daddy returned from serving in the Navy. They struggled to make ends meet after World War II. Daddy had to work construction in another town in order provide for his young family. Later, Daddy would go to school and learn additional skills that would lead to higher salaries and a different lifestyle for us. **to see more of Sandra’s story


“How to Heal Your Marriage”


5.26.20 Jan Lucas – was born and raised in a Christian home in rural central Illinois. After graduating college at the University of Illinois, I married my best friend who had been introduced to me on a blind date my freshman year at college. We moved to New York where we resided in the same house for 52 years and raised three sons. Our third son was born with Down Syndrome and is a blessing in our lives and the lives of all who know him. Our two older boys are married each with one son who are our delight!

To those who knew us, our marriage looked like the perfect relationship on the outside but we knew that it was not what a marriage should be. After our 35th anniversary we were separated. God was very present with us throughout this great challenge. After 31/2 years God restored our relationship, we renewed our marriage vows, and soon after that God gave us the opportunity to facilitate Great Marriages God’s Way Sunday school class at our church. Today, even thong we have moved, that class remains vibrant, ministering to couples and singles building marriages God’s Way!
We continue to serve the Lord today in our new church in Florida where God gave us the opportunity to establish a marriage/relationship class. Our passion is to help relationships become Godly relationships and to help people love themselves, God, and others on a deeper mature level.
During our married life I was able to be a stay at home mom. Besides raising and nurturing three boys, I enjoyed participating in all sports, especially golf, and doing crafts, especially decorative painting. Shortly after my husband and I separated I built a harp, just for fun… I thought. God had different plans. He opened many doors for me to take lessons, study harp therapy, and soon become a Hospital Certified Master Harp Therapist. I worked for 8 years at The Valley Hospital and 4 other hospitals in NJ playing for patients at the bedside.
After retiring to Florida I remain active in our church and stay busy with crafts, visiting friends, participating in BSF, riding my bike and pursuing my passion for golf. In all my activities my goal is to share the love of Christ.


Making An Impact Where You Are

Serve God. Love People. Impact Community.


Marva Hanks lives by the statement above to the best of her capabilities. This is her heart beat, passion, and what she considers as her proudest accomplishments of life. 

Serve God. 

Marva learned about Christ at an early age. She is thankful for the grace of God and is happy to boldly to serve Him where He leads her. He constantly reminds her of how present He is in every area of her life.

Love People. 

Marva, along with her husband, Merton Hanks, loves people to full capacity. They are quick to share their past experiences to help people learn from their own life lessons. 

Impact Community. 

Marva uses her platform to impact the community that is around her. She has worked with different organizations to give back to her community. Some of the current organizations Marva is involved in are C. Vivian Stringer Standing Tall Foundation, Bridgeway Preparatory Academy, and DRA Lending. Her portion of her proceeds will go towards these organizations to further their mission.

#Marva Hanks

Leading Women To Christ

Proverbs 3:5-6  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”


Mary’s walk with the Lord began almost 20 years ago after a friend’s persistent invitation to a home bible study. She faithfully seeks to serve the Kingdom of God by blessing others with compassion, love and encouragement.  She sees the heart of a woman and nurtures their lives with the love of Christ. #MaryBall

How God Answers Your Prayers

But God, is one of my most favorite statements I love to read in the Bible. It always indicates that God is going to do something absolutely spectacular, and I love spectacular move of God.


I count it all joy that the creator of you, me and the universe has called me into a redemptive, loving, and eternal relationship with Him.
In His sovereign love He has allowed me walk within several roles, and my most favorite is that of mother, grandmother, and teacher/mentor.
Each new season, He requires, yet allows me to know Him in a deeper more profound way, and as I experience each new level, I realize that all I really want people to see in me, is the love, compassion and goodness of God, and His Holy Spirit. As I walk with others in their search for a more meaningful relationship with God, may we both/all experience the words of the Apostle Matthew.
Matthew 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God Bless You Always,
Maureen Smith

#TheCall #MaureenSmith

Nancy Sabato

Nancy Sabato is the Minister of, -producing “The Call” weekly YouTube/ podcast interview program with people that are called to serve and bring their unique stories to life. The purpose of “The Call” is for each viewer to see how God has led them to simple faith and gave them a new transformed life to live and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

A Bible Study Facilitator for over 5 years and is an Amazon author of six Christian books and blogger on leading and teaching about Christ.

Currently Nancy has been writing a weekly blog,  she desires to share Gods word with those who don’t know Him, writing for over 12 years hoping to inspire and encourage those who need to be lifted and to point them to Jesus Christ.

Amazon Author of 6 books, including- Jesus: The Word Teaching you about Jesus from the gospel of John

The newest book Pray Attention Devotional, journal and prayers to help you hear Gods answers is the newest book in paperback & ebook

Pray Attention Devotional, journal and prayers to help you hear God’s answers

Find more books on Nancy’s Author page below